The Bicycle Chain: 2 Solutions You Can Try Today

Bicycling is so much fun, it’s a great way to relax, exercise, and have a good time. However, its security is vital, especially if you live in an unsafe place. And what better way to protect your prized vehicle than with the bicycle chain? 

This product works in the same way as a lock and will give you the peace of mind you need when you leave your bike outside and unattended.

Thanks to the length of the bicycle chain, you can secure it from a wheel or the bicycle’s frame. Usually, the chains include a set of keys to open them or a number system in which you turn the pieces until you place your key and open it. Stay with us and find out everything you need to know. 


  • Bicycle chains are available in different models, some of them have a longer length and can be used for other vehicles.
  • There are two types of the bicycle chain. The first model is opened by means of a key, while the second requires the inclusion of a numerical key.
  • At the time of purchase, you must consider the closure system, the thickness of the internal material, and the protection against the elements.

Everything you need to know about the bicycle chain

bicycle chains

What types of bicycle chains are there?

There are several types of bicycle chains. However, these are the most popular models on the market:

  • In the first place, there are bicycle chains whose security system is through a lock that opens with a key. These usually come with two or more keys ensuring that if one is lost, the chain can still be opened. In addition, they have some type of protection so that dust and water do not enter the lock and deteriorate it.
  • On the other hand, there are strings that are used by means of a numerical code. This type does not include keys, so you will not risk forgetting or losing the key, although you do have to memorize the code. In any case, both types are difficult to open if you do not have the keys, so they are very safe.

What should I look for when buying the bicycle chain?

The first thing to consider is the length of the chain. Whether you want to use it for a bicycle, motorcycle, waveboard, or skateboard, the length should be long enough to go through the wheel and the support you are going to secure it to.

On the other hand, you must make sure that the materials with which the chain is made are resistant to cuts so that if someone wants to steal the bicycle, it will be difficult for them to destroy the chain and give up. 

You must also see that the material does not cause any damage to the vehicle. It is always recommended that the chain be covered with PVC, nylon, or polyester, all three of which are waterproof.

What characterizes a quality bicycle chain?

For greater peace of mind when leaving your bike outside, the bicycle chain is the best option
For greater peace of mind when leaving your bike outside, the chain is the best option

A good bicycle chain should be strong, easy to fit, and lightweight. It is important that the chain resists changes in the weather since you will be using it mostly outdoors, where it can be exposed to UV rays or water. It also needs to be hack resistant because that’s how they’ll try to get rid of it if they want to steal your bike.

Likewise, the bicycle chain should not be very heavy. Typically the chains go either around the seat tube or you carry them in a backpack or bag, so you don’t want to add excessive extra weight to your rides. Finally, for a chain to be good, its closing system must be simple, either with a code or a key.

The best chain for bike

URBAN XK120 Anti-Theft
URBAN XK120 Anti-Theft Chain

This bicycle chain is a particular option because it has a cover on the lock that protects it from damage that may be caused by dust. It also incorporates a nylon cover that protects the bicycle chain from scratches.

Additionally, the model stands out for its hardened steel chain, whose links measure 8 mm thick. Although it is very resistant, it is also light to carry on the bike without weighing it down.

Looxmeer Bicycle Lock with 5 Digits, Anti-Theft Lock
Looxmeer Bicycle Lock with 5 Digits, Anti-Theft Lock

This bicycle chain is made with high-strength zinc links and is covered in a polyester cover, which protects the vehicle from damage and scratches. Likewise, the sheath protects the chain from rust.

Thanks to its 5-digit combination system, it is almost impossible to crack the code among the 100,000 possibilities. On the other hand, its measurement is 90 cm and the material resists high temperatures.

The bicycle chain also works great for wagons, gates, and fences, as well as other small vehicles. 

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