To People Who Want To Waveboard But Can’t Get Started

Are you tired of moving around the city with the usual scooter, skate, or bicycle? Today there are various means of urban vehicles and transport that can become an exciting experience. For example, have you heard of the waveboard? This sport, performed on a two-wheeled board is all the rage among young people and is gaining ground in the cities. Sounds good right?

If you’ve never heard of waveboarding, don’t worry. Throughout this specialized article, we will tell you in detail everything you need to know about this innovative board, the advantages, and benefits of doing this sport, and the different aspects you must consider to choose the best waveboard.


  • A waveboard also called a caster board is a board with two platforms joined by an adjustable bar that only has two wheels that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Waveboards are used for commuting or to practice the sport of the same name, similar to those who skateboard.
A waveboard
A waveboard
  • In some ways, waveboarding is a mix of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. While using it, you do not have to step on the ground at any time and an S-type waist movement is required for the impulse. There are different models of waveboard for the public.
  • If you are thinking of buying a waveboard to change the way you move around the city or to play sports, consider some essential criteria: the general measurements of the waveboard, the grip of the board, the hardness of the wheels, the bearing, and the design, among others.

More and more people are choosing the waveboard as their favorite way to go out in the city. Either to move through the streets or go to do tricks on the slopes with other skaters. If you are thinking of buying one of these boards, you will see that the market offers many options. We show you the best options available.

Soul Curl Unisex Adult Waveboard: best value for money

Soul Curl Unisex Adult Caster Board
Soul Curl Unisex Adult Caster Board

In my opinion, the Soul Curl waveboard is the highest quality option for the price tag. It’s Amazon’s best-selling board for a reason. It is built from a virtually indestructible plastic polymer, so it’ll last you for years.

What users value most about this waveboard is that it includes a box with tools and covers so you can give it proper maintenance.

The features that made this product a good buy include:

  • Two high-tech ABS polymer plates with removable deck uppers
  • Super-strength rotating steel torsion bar to pivot both decks
  • Inclined 360-degree rotating castor trucks made from heavy-duty steel
  • Giant soft white 76mm wheels made of high-grade PU
  • Also included in the box: Allen keys, Camo carry bag, Demo CD, Instruction leaflet

Best waveboard for boys and girls

Grist CC Waveboard Skateboard
Grist CC Waveboard Skateboard with 4 PU Wheels for Children, Teenagers, and Adults

Of everything we’ve seen, the Grist CC waveboard is the most professional option. The steel plate in the torsion system and the impact-resistant thick steel tube ensure the safety and flexibility of the board.

Users highly value the stable, robust, and easy-to-control driving experience. In addition, they highlight that it is a highly durable waveboard.

Riding a waveboard is a sensational experience and offers a very attractive alternative for those who are not inclined toward traditional skateboarding or scootering. The sport, in addition, is growing in followers and especially the youngest are more and more encouraged. Let’s go through some of the most common questions about these boards.

 casterboard or wave board

What exactly is a waveboard?

A waveboard , also called a caster board is a board similar to a skateboard but has two platforms, one for each foot. Both are joined by a flexible bar and each has a wheel that can rotate 360 ​​degrees (this type of bearing is called a caster ). The waveboard appeared for the first time in 2007.

What is it used for?

Like many members of the family of this type of board ( skateboardsnowboard, surf), the waveboard has two main uses: as a vehicle. That is, a means of transportation to get around; and as a sport. The word waveboard also refers to the sport of the same name that consists of performing tricks, turns, and jumps on the tracks designated for that purpose.

How to get on a waveboard for the first time?

Getting on a waveboard for the first time usually costs a lot for beginners. But do not worry; once you get the hang of it, you’ll never forget it. It’s like riding a bike! Basically, there are two ways to get on and ride the waveboard for the first time:

  1. with the board on the ground and
  2. with one foot on one of the platforms.

Waveboard on the ground

  1. Tilt the waveboard forward so that one edge rests on the ground.
  2. Put both feet on the board so that they point downward and your weight is concentrated on the front of your feet.
  3. Carefully shift your weight to the rear so that your waveboard rests on its wheels. You need to start moving in the S move almost immediately so you don’t lose your balance.

With one foot

  1. Stand with one leg on the waveboard (the front platform).
  2. Push off with the other to help you move.
  3. Place the other leg on the waveboard when it starts to move.

Right-handed or left-handed

It is essential to determine if you are more comfortable with your right or left foot when riding a waveboard. To test, put one in the front (known as the regular style) and then the other in the back (known as the fool style ). Think carefully about which foot you feel stronger and put it in front.

Once you choose one of the two options, the foot you’ve placed in front is known as your “dominant foot.” The one that remains at the back of the board will be the “non-dominant foot”. The only way to know which is the best position is to try it yourself. Each person’s dominant foot will vary, so choose the method that makes you most comfortable.

How to move forward with a waveboard

waveboarding is a mix of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding
waveboarding is a mix of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding

The technique to mount a waveboard is quite particular and very different from skateboarding, for example. In fact, the use of this board is based more on the movements of surfing. The idea is to move forward without having to put your foot on the ground to give yourself momentum. It is important how you put your heels and toes turning. Follow the next steps:

  1. Find the right spot: Try to find a spot with a smooth, even surface, perhaps with a slight incline. But make sure you don’t choose a steep or upward hill. The best is a comfortable and safe ground to move.
  2. Position the waveboard correctly:  Place the waveboard on the ground with the nose (front end) pointing in the direction you want to go.
  3. Place your front foot at the center front with toes facing perpendicular; it is important that the weight does not lean to either side.
  4. Start moving your feet back and forth: This is the S or snake move. Try to move your feet back and forth to gain momentum.
  5. When you have managed to move a few meters, then start to make larger movements until you get a continuous movement. Depending on which direction you’re going, shift your weight either more toward the toes of both feet or more toward the heels of both feet.

Health benefits of moving on a waveboard

Like any sport, waveboarding is very beneficial for the body and health. It is noteworthy, unlike others, that due to the type of movement on the table, it especially helps to exercise the waist and knees. This physical activity can make you burn up to 600 calories if you practice it for an hour.

Mentally, the waveboard can do a lot for you, in addition to having fun. With constant practice, you will gain coordination and exercise your mind. Rehearsing tricks and perfecting them requires a lot of concentration. And when you do manage to complete them, you’ll be left with a sky-high spirit and an unmatched sense of accomplishment.

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How to stop correctly when riding a waveboard

It is very important to know how to stop with a waveboard, even if you are wearing protective gear. To begin with, if this is the first time you are using this board, remember to always choose completely flat terrain to ride on. As for the methods to stop, there are two easy and widely used ways:

  • The safest way is to lean forward slightly and do the same with your feet. In this way, the edge of the waveboard connects with the ground and brakes. Get off the board and walk forward to soak up any momentum you’ve gained while moving.
  • If you’re worried about falling off the board and can’t figure out how to stop, you can just do a little hop and let the board stop on its own.

Table measurements

Wave boards for adults (15 years and older are considered adults) have a length that generally goes from 60 cm to 70 cm long. To choose the width, we will have to look at the size of our feet, and the use that we are going to give it.

  • A narrower board is more effective when doing technical tricks, as it is easier to move and spin, but offers slightly less stability.
  • A wider board offers us greater stability when riding, although it will be somewhat more expensive to move it in tricks.
  • To use a waveboard that works well on all terrains, the measurement range for an adult would be 65 cm. In children under 15 years, 55 cm.


Riding a waveboard is a new phenomenon in board sports. This vehicle, made up of a double platform (one for each foot) that joins a flexible bar, is the sensation of the moment. The two swivel wheels are enough so that by making a movement of the waist, like an S, you propel yourself forward and slide down streets or prepared tracks.

As with a skateboard or longboard, you can use the waveboard to get around town or to practice amazing tricks, jumps, and flips. The fun is only in your hands!

If you liked the article, share it among your contacts so that others know more about the waveboard. If you leave us a comment, we will also answer you as soon as possible.

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