Why Kimberly Flores? Why the Interest Now? Every Detail Analyzed

The Guatemalan actress Kimberly Flores, who married Edwin Luna returns to Telemundo in the soap opera ‘La Casa de los Famosos. La casa de los famosos, which translates to “the Celebrity House” in English is an American Spanish-language version of the reality television franchise Celebrity Big Brother, an adaption of Big Brother

Having been rocked by a rumor or speculation about alleged infidelity on the part of Kimberly Flores with actor Roberto Romano, things got quite complicated in Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores marriage.

Let’s meet Kimberly Flores

Born on 15 April 1989, Kimberly Flores is 33 years of age as of 2022. As of December 2022, Kimberly Flores’s net worth is $5 Million. 

Mz Flores is one of the most recognized and multifaceted actresses and personalities on Hispanic television. Her arrival is yet another example of a commitment to offer viewers some of the best productions with the highest caliber artists.

However, due to a personal situation, Kimberly left “The House of the Famous” to resolve certain personal issues which the couples weren’t keen to share in the public domain. “I will give you more information later, thank you very much, and good evening” was all that was said at that moment after the Guatemalan woman left.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been going very well for Kimberly Flores since she entered the reality show. But first, let’s get to meet her before discussing the controversies surrounding her.

 Where is Kimberly Flores from?

Kimberly is from Guatemala City, Guatemala, Mexico. Kimberly’s bio on Twitter read “Model, dancer, lover of life, fighter, and dreamer”. As a model and dancer, she shares gym selfies, fashion shoots, and other assorted modeling photos with more than 2.2 million followers. 

Is Kimberly Flores Married?

Kimberly Flores

Yes. The answer is yes. Kimberly is married to Edwin Luna, who is 35 years old. Edwin’s date of birth is 6th September 1987. Edwin Luna is a singer of regional Mexican music, and the founder and lead vocalist of Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey.

Edwin and Kimberly have a daughter named Gianna who was born in July 2018.  

Location of the “La Casa de los Famosos” which hosts the reality show 

After meeting the winner of this second edition in the person of the actress and dancer, Ivonne Montero, questions continue to arise that the public and followers want to know, as they wait for the third edition, scheduled for the beginning of 2023.

According to the information provided on social networks and in the media, the facilities of the famous house, which once housed Kimberly Flores, are first class with two large bedrooms, a pool, a jacuzzi, a dining room, and a very spacious room. It also has a gym and game house, which makes it a really cool mansion.

It belongs to Endemol Shine BoomDog, which is the division of Endemol Shine NA that is based in Mexico, Miami, and Los Angeles. They supervise the content that is generated in Latin America for the audiences of Mexico and the United States.

The mansion is located in Mexico. It has remained anonymous. Due to logistics, the decision was made to use the facilities that are in the Aztec country.

La Casa de los Famosos

Is Kimberly Flores, “the boss” of The House of Celebrities?

In fact, many will argue that the actress is ‘the boss’ of the successful Telemundo reality showHer face and voice sound every day within the walls of the most famous house on Hispanic television. 

Kimberly Flores was lightening up many faces as a participant in the successful reality show while she remain isolated from the outside world.

Kimberly Flores’ mother doesn’t remain silent and reveals an unexpected truth

Kimberly’s mother has attacked her own daughter, calling her a ‘pig‘ and saying that she had married Edwin Luna just for his money.

Kimberly Flores’ mother, Becky Colombani decided to pour more fuel into the fire over the problem that her daughter was in. She stated that Edwin Luna has beaten her daughter many times, while also stressing that Kimberly only married Edwin out of interest in his money.

Kim’s Mom said, and I quote “He has done many things to Kimberly. I know my daughter, and I know that he has done her a lot of damage”. She concluded by saying that Kim only married him for money:“ She doesn’t want him, who is going to love that man. That man has hurt the girl a lot, he is not my daughter’s man ”.

Kimberly Flores Profile

Kimberly Flores Profile

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