Why You Should Invest in a Kingslim Dash Cam

Would you like to save yourself trouble and headaches in a traffic situation in which you were not at fault? Can’t find a way to prove you weren’t responsible? Luckily, the solution to this type of problem is found in dash cam (car video cameras). They are a product that you cannot ignore if you want to solve these unpleasant situations.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story. People everywhere choose to install dash cams in their vehicles for a variety of reasons. No matter how cautious you are while driving, even careful drivers cannot control the events that happen outside of their vehicles. 


  • Car video cameras, simply known as dash cams have become popular in recent times. It is due to the growing need to keep track of what is happening around our vehicle. They are usually very practical and comfortable in use. They are normally placed at the front of the car, on the dashboard.
  • The most important features to consider for your acquisition are image quality, or resolution, and data storage. Certain additional features are also relevant, such as the G-Sensor, Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • It is very important to take into account the current legislation on the use of this type of camera. In this way, we save trouble later.

Many drivers have experienced dealing with erratic drivers and were previously helpless, but now drivers can do something to protect themselves and help identify dangerous drivers. 

Dash cams like the Kingslim Dash Cam give you extra protection and security while on the road by recording images of what happened on the road and can provide details such as how fast you were going, the location and how the impact occurred. 

Car camera

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident where there was a question as to who was at fault, or if your car was ever damaged in a hit and run, then the idea of ​​a dash cam might appeal. However, it is important that everyone proactively seek the protection they offer.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam, also known as a dash-mounted camera, is a device that allows you to record everything that happens while driving. They can be attached to the interior and exterior of your car and cost between $60 and $150.

The cameras consist of one that can be mounted to your window or dashboard via suction cups, brackets, or an adhesive pad. These cameras like the Kingslim Dash Cam are special because they cover a wide field of view. Instead of just recording what’s directly in front of you, they have the ability to record 120 degrees around the car. 

Dash cams start recording as soon as you start the engine and record in a continuous loop. They are designed to continuously record while you drive and provide evidence in the event of a car accident.

Dash cams have a wide range of functions. Some cameras are protected and have the ability to record sound, some can record with night vision, and some have built-in GPS with speedometers, so you know where the incident was recorded and how fast you were going. Other models with dual lenses are equipped with interior and rear video, which could be beneficial in the event of a rear-end collision.

The Kingslim Dash Cam

This Kingslim dash cam model surprises with glorious 4K 2160p quality, offering image clarity and vivid colors. It also has extra features built into the camera. This is demonstrated by the integrated GPS and Wifi, in addition to the G-Sensor, microphone, USB / HDMI port.

Kingslim Dash Cam with Built-in WiFi GPS
Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam with Built-in WiFi GPS. Selling for $139.99 on Amazon

It has an AV-IN port – interface where you can directly connect the rear camera. In addition, it has built-in loop recording, night monitoring and smart parking monitoring.

Kingslim dash cam adopts the industry-leading Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon Hi3559 processor. With super night vision, f/1.8 aperture, and WDR technology, you can record stunning details even in low-light environments.

Editorial review: Do you want to go beyond just shooting on the road? So, dare with this fantastic model. It is made to give the best of current technology

How can a kingslim dash cam help me?

Many drivers such as bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, and police officers already have dash cams installed in their vehicles. However, dash cams are not just for business use anymore. 

Other motorists are finding dash cams extremely beneficial as a tool for recording important evidence for auto accident insurance claims. In fact, according to a new RAC study, nearly 3 million motorists are recording their trips with these devices. 

About 25% of drivers think a dash cam will improve their own driving, while 69% of those who have been involved in an accident think having a dash cam would have been helpful.

If you’re looking for the perfect dash cam for you, consider what’s important. If you live in a high crime area, installing a dash cam could be beneficial in capturing footage of criminals damaging or breaking into your vehicle. Other drivers who travel a lot may want to install a dash cam like the kingslim dash cam that has a GPS system. As they are capable of recording location, speed, direction of travel, latitude and longitude.

invest in a dash cam

Irrefutable evidence

Gathering witnesses after an accident can be difficult. Even if you can find a witness, the person may not remember the exact details of the accident or may have a different version of events based on their interpretation. However, if you have video proof of the accident that shows you were not at fault, your insurance company will be able to determine liability expeditiously. 

Kingslim Dash cam or similar ones offer impartial evidence in real time with details of how the accident occurred. Dashcams can prevent unnecessary legal action because it shows exactly what happened without having to investigate a “he said, she said” car accident case.

Insurance fraud

Auto insurance fraud affects all drivers, whether or not they have been in an accident. According to the FBI , insurance fraud costs the average American family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased insurance premiums.

At-fault drivers often try to take the blame off themselves in hopes of avoiding a police citation or increased insurance rates. Some drivers conspire to cause collisions and make it look like the other party’s fault. 

Other schemes involve two vehicles and is known as a “swoop and squat”, this happens when one of the vehicles slows down directly in front of you and the other car comes up from behind and swerves in front of the “squat” car. 

The crouched car will brake quickly, forcing you to rear-end them as the car drives away. Dash cam footage can provide objective and unbiased evidence that will support your statement to police officers and insurance companies that will protect you from being wrongly found guilty.

In the event that the images clearly show the other party is at fault and you can prove negligence, an experienced car accident lawyer can use this to obtain maximum compensation for your damages through a settlement.


After an accident, it is normal for a driver to feel shaken. Kingslim Dash cam can be used to fill in the details when drivers have a repressed memory of the event. They can also be used to refute potential errors found in police reports. Even if you are doing everything correctly before the accident happened.

Insurance companies try to lessen the severity of accidents and injuries sustained, especially if they claim it was a low-impact or low-speed accident. Minimizing the claim is more difficult for insurance companies when dash cams capture the entire accident.

Use Kingslim dash cam to get all the parameters
Use Kingslim dash cam to get all the parameters

In a car accident injury claim case, images can be used as compelling evidence that the severity of the injury cannot be determined by the amount of damage done to cars. Many times, the force of the impact is transferred to the person, not the motor vehicle.

Traffic citations

Dash cams are not only beneficial in accidents but are also useful for traffic violations. Speed ​​cameras that monitor your speed and location can be beneficial when a police officer makes a mistake. Police misjudgment is often difficult to prove in court, as the court often tends to find in favor of the police, but with the use of these images, civilians can now prove their innocence.


Unfortunately, unattended vehicles are left defenseless in cases like hit and run, theft, carjacking, and vandalism. However, dash cams now have the ability to record activity around your vehicle when in standby mode. 

Kingslim Dash cam not only help in case of accidents, but also act as surveillance footage. The cameras start recording when the motion detector detects movement outside the vehicle and even works when the vehicle is not running. Users can see a direct view of their car from their cell phones at all times. Dash cams act as a deterrent to thieves and evidence for prosecution.

A collision claim to repair damage to your car after an accident not only goes on your record, it costs your deductible. According to research compiled by Insurance.com, a single fault claim for less than $1,000 can increase rates by approximately 18% on average.

What to look for in a Dash Cam

Investing in a dash cam could save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid time-consuming instances of he-said-she-said. When looking for a dash cam, you should look for several features:

  1. video quality
  2. night vision
  3. Field of view
  4. Automatic and manual recording
  5. loop recording
  6. Motion detection
  7. Driver Awareness Warnings
  8. impact detection
  9. Wifi
  10. GPS


Car cameras have been gaining importance as innovative and attractive devices for the consumer. Among its main utilities, the possibility of recording any moment on the road in a loop stands out. Thus, it helps us in an accident or crash situation. It can also be used for entertainment purposes.

The most important details are camera resolution and storage. In addition, functions such as GPS, G-Sensor and Wi-Fi can be evaluated. The option of the rear camera is also important, as well as the possibility of acquiring a dual model like the kingslim dash cam with front and rear recording. For all these reasons, you can be convinced that this product will help you feel safe. Without a doubt, it is a good acquisition for your vehicle.